Monty is an Argentinian artist and photographer. Currently based in Berlin.

Represented by 

Open Doors Gallery / London.

Cochin Galerie / Berlin.

Full portfolio in pdf upon request:

Artist Statement

Monty Kaplan is an Argentine photographer that is concerned with examining the points of views from which we see and understand our existence. His work can be interpreted as subjective anthropological exploration of the world. He believes reality is not logical, but emotional and his use of light is fueled by an interest in transferring emotion. He does not have a preferred subject nor color palette, instead constantly seeking for any mundane scene which can be transformed and reinterpreted. He views photography as a mean to communicate the inner processes he goes through within himself, to present to the viewer his subjective vision of life. He strives to visually manifest this concept by creating mood pieces, which can engage the observer in a primal sense, and convey a different experience for them.


2018- Saatchi Gallery, with Open Doors - London, UK.

2018- Summer Photo Exhibition / Fishing Quarter Gallery - Brighton, UK.

2018- Street Sans Frontières / 18-20th May - Espace des Arts Sans Frontières, Paris

2018- Open Doors Exhbition / 5-8th of April - Peckham, London. 

2017- Group Exhibition "Inside Instagram" - Onomato Künstlerverein, Düsseldorf, Germany. 

2016- Group Show - Greenpoint Gallery, NY.

2016- "Essay on Silence" - Casa Rodolfo Walsh, Buenos Aires

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